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Deepen Spiritual Connection
in Yelapa, Mexico
One week-long spiritual & yoga retreat offered at a peaceful
retreat  centre in  Yelapa,  Mexico.   This  retreat  focuses  on  deepening  and  intensifying  spiritual connection. Join us in the  mindful  practice of Inner  Awareness, Forgiveness,  Authenticity,  Presence,  Manifestation  &  Belief, Unconditional Love, Integration & the Practice of Continual Deep Spiritual Connection. We explore & discuss these areas in depth as they relate to the human experience & acceptance of our true identities as spiritual beings having human experiences.
Yelapa is  the perfect  environment  for such a retreat; no cars, no peddlers - just peaceful energy, un-conquered history & Garden of
Eden type natural setting. (see "Retreat in Yelapa, Mexico" page)
This is a stand-alone retreat, or can be followed  by another week of deeper spiritual  work  in  a  ceremony environment. Please  ask  for more details if you are interested in either, or both of these retreats.
9 Weeks to a Healthier Body & a Happier Mind
This workshop is broken down into the areas of Body, Mind & Spirit and covers the following topics:
         - Nutrition 
         - Hormone Relevance to Health
         - Gentle Yoga
         - Stress Relief Techniques
         - Meditation & Breathing
         - Conflict Resolution
         - Understanding & Eliminating Anxiety
         - Mind, Body, Spirit Connection
         - Finding Inner Peace
         - Self Acceptance
         - F.L.E.C. (Forgiveness, Love, Compassion & Empathy)
9 Weeks Deeper into Health & Happiness
This workshop is part 2 of the 9 Week Series.  It focuses deeper into matters of the Body, Mind & Spirit connection with emphasis on:
         - Therapeutic Yoga,
         - TFT technique for Stress & Anxiety,
         - Deeper Meditation & Breathing Techniques,
         - Conflict Resolution with Love & Empathy,
         - Understanding & Taming the Ego,
         - Awareness of, and Owning Intention,
         - Being in the NOW  (the practice & discipline),
         - Self Acceptance & Inner Peace,
         - F.L.E.C. (Forgiveness, Love, Empathy & Compassion)
         - The Practice of Gratitude
         - Manifestation & The Law of Attraction
Yoga & Spirituality for Health & Weight Loss
This  workshop  involves  learning  how  to  be  our best and honour ourselves  to stop self-sabotaging habits in the areas of health and weight loss.  Using gentle spiritual  awareness, we come to accept ourselves and create new habits and beliefs.  We incorporate Yoga poses that are conducive to weight loss and flexibility.
A few times a year we facilitate deep healing spiritual ceremonies.  These ceremonies  fill  up  quickly. For more information or to be put on a notification list, please email
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