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NEW Turmeric-Ginger Tonics: 

Our  sister  company:  Aunty Claire's Elixir for Life  located at  makes Turmeric & Ginger  products  with  organic  turmeric root,  organic  ginger  root  &  many  other natural & anti-oxidant ingredients. Turmeric & Ginger  are  known  to  decrease  inflammation  &  pain, boost  immunity, aid  mental  clarity, help weight loss, detox the liver &  many  other  health  benefits.  For  more  info  email:  or check out 

Elixir for Life sells 3 flavours of their turmeric-ginger concentrates (Tart Cherry, Lemon-Honey, Blueberry) in 2 sizes: 500ml & 1000ml.

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