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Yoga & Spiritual Satsang
Retreat in Yelapa Mexico
Join us for a week-long spiritual & yoga retreat offered at a peaceful retreat  centre in  Yelapa,  Mexico  
This retreat focuses on deepening spiritual connection as we explore the mindful  practices of Inner  Awareness, Forgiveness,  Authenticity,  Presence,  Manifestation  &  Belief, Unconditional Love & the Practice of Continual Deep Spiritual Connection.
We explore & discuss these areas in depth as they relate to the human experience with the intention of healing any attachments that prevent us from experiencing the joy of living in a state of wonder & gratitude.
Yelapa is  the perfect  environment  for such a retreat; no cars, no peddlers - just peaceful energy, un-conquered history & Garden of
Eden type natural setting.
Contact for information or an e-brochure.  See our facebook page "Spiritual Retreat in Yelapa"
Yelapa is very peaceful, safe, and accessible only by boat. There is no hussle and bussle of the larger Mexican destinations. 
The content of this retreat doesn’t conflict with existing religious ideology, but speaks the unifying language of Love
Also Available: Reiki, Individual Spiritual Counselling, Massage, Energy & Chakra Balancing, Customized TFT, Theta & Local Excursions
Our intention is to deepen our connection to the energy of Love while exploring the mind-full practice of Inner Awareness, Forgiveness, Belief,  Presence in the Now, Unconditional Love,  Integration, Authenticity & the Practice of Continual Spiritual Connection. We explore & discuss these areas in depth as they relate to the human experience, & the understanding & acceptance of our true identity as divine spiritual beings.
Participants focus on bringing themselves into the NOW with a new acceptance of self & others, & with a deeper peaceful inner awareness  (a knowing) of who they really are. Participants become more connected with their hearts - their authentic higher selves, their calling & their purpose. 
Yelapa is considered a Garden of Eden - the perfect setting for meaningful introspection.
Getting here: Fly into Puerto Vallarta, take a land taxi to the Old Pier, hop on a water taxi ($20) to Yelapa.  Watch for dolphins, turtles, rays and sea birds on the journey to Yelapa.
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